Charmouth - History and Facts
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1086 16 Salt workers recorded

1147 Forde Abbey founded

1170 Grant to Forde Abbey

1189 reference to Charmouth

1239 Sale of Mill

1240 reference to Chapel

1278 Grant of Market and Fair

1281 Church Rebuilt

1297 Creation of Borough

1316 Abbott certified as Lord
of the Manor of Charmouth

1341 the Abbot of Forde did homage to John Beauchamp

1348 Black Death

1503 Church rebuilt

1525 Lay subsidy suggests Charmouth population of 200

1539 Map of Coast showing Charmouth

1539 Forde Abbey dissolved.

1540 Leland writes that Charmouth
is a "good Fisher Town"

1546 Charmouth shows an income of £21 - about a fourteenth of the Abbey`s income.

1564 Charter for Charmouth

1564 Sir William Petre buys
The Manor of Charmouth

1564 Comprehensive Survey
of Charmouth

1572 Sir John Petre inherits
The Manor of Charmouth

1575 Sir William Pole purchases
the Manor of Charmouth

1575 The Elms leased by Petre
to Richard Piers for 2000 years

1587 Sir William Pole inherits
the Manor of Charmouth

1590 Newlands,Charmouth sold
to William Wadham of Catherstone

1635 Sir John Pole inherits
the Manor of Charmouth

1588 Merchants List

1648 William Ellesdon buys
the Manor of Charmouth

1649 Anthony Ellesdon buys
Newlands in Charmouth

1651 Charles II stays a night at the Queens Armes

1661 Almshouse founded

1662 Dissenting Meeting House opened by John Brice.

1663 Hearth Tax reveals only 30 people with a total of 63 hearths

1674 Deed relating to a property in Charmouth owned by Edward Mabell.

1689 Congregational Church
founded in Charmouth.

c.1700 Anthony Ellesdon
inherits Charmouth Manor

1714 Anthony Ellesden Deed

1731 Inventory- Thomas Ellesden

1737 Richard Henvill inherits
the Manor of Charmouth

1744 Benedicta Henvill inherits
the Manor of Charmouth

1753-8 Turnpikes set up

1754 Poor Rates List

1754 The Devon and Dorset Turnpike Trust created.

1765 Isaac Taylors Map

1779 Francis Henvill inherits
the Manor of Charmouth

1780 Highways Tax

1780 Poor rates List

1780 Land Tax

1781 Land Tax

1782 Land Tax

1782 Obituary for James Combe, Rector for 35 years

1783 Description of Charmouth Manor Estate

1783 Land Tax

1783 James Warden buys
the Manor of Charmouth

1785 Land Tax for Charmouth

1786 Land Tax for Charmouth

1787 Land Tax for Charmouth

1788 Land Tax for Charmouth

1789 Land Tax for Charmouth

1792 Elizabeth Warden inherits
the Manor of Charmouth

1793 Land Tax for Charmouth

1798 Ann Liddon inherits the
Manor of Charmouth

1801 Charmouth`s Population
is 369

1802 Land Tax for Charmouth

1803 Charmouth Manor to be mortgaged for £600

1805 Charmouth Poor Rates

1808 Land Tax for Charmouth

1810 Map

1815 Charmouth Poor Rates

1817 Jane Austen description of Charmouth in Persuasion".

1820 Langmoor Cottage Sale

1823 Lily Farm Sale

1824 New Road to Lyme Regis

1825 Jury List

1825 Charmouth Poor Rates

1826 Jury List

1826 Death Sentence

1827 Jury List

1828 Jury List

1829 Map by Greenwood

1830 Jury List

1830 Directory List

1832 Jury List

1832 incorporated with Lyme Regis into a Borough

1832 Charmouth Poor Rates

1834 Jury List

1835 Jury List

1836 Church Rebuilt

1837 Jury List

1837 Manor of Charmouth
put up for sale

1838 Jury List

1840 Directory List

1841 Charmouth Manor

1841 Tithe Map

1841 Tithe Map Centre

1841 Tithe Map - Street

1841 Census (Surnames)

1846 I.K.Brunel proposes a Railway to Charmouth.

1848 List of Voters Charmouth

1849 Matthew Liddon inherits
the Manor of Charmouth

1851 Census (Names)

1851 Population of
Charmouth is 601

1853 Matthew Liddon`s Proof to the Ownership of the Manor

1853 Auction details of Charmouth manor Estate

1853 George Frean buys the
Manor of Charmouth

1851 Directory

1855 Directory List

1862 Matthew Liddon sells "The Limes"

1864 Sir John Hawkshaw
buys Charmouth Manor

1864 Hawkshaw proposes a Railway to Charmouth.

1865 List of People entitled to Vote in Charmouth

1865 Directory List

1867 Manor of Charmouth
put up for sale

1871 John James Coulton
buys Charmouth Manor

1871 Directory

1874 Directory

1875 Directory

1880 Map of Charmouth

1880 Directory

1898 part of the Manor of Charmouth auctioned

1901 Population of
Charmouth is 560

1901 Map of Charmouth Centre

1903 Directory

1904 part of the Manor of Charmouth auctioned

1906 Course of river mouth altered.

1908 Alfred Douglas Pass
buys Charmouth Manor

1911 Census (Addresses)

1911 Census (Surnames)

1911 Directory

1915 Directory

1920 Directory

1926 Map of Charmouth Centre

1926 Ordnance Survey Map

1934 Map of Foreshore

1938 Charmouth Council purchase of the Foreshore and Cement Works

1945 Miss Evan`s Gift to Charmouth

1957 Map of Charmouth

1958 Lower Sea Lane entrance widened

1970 Alfred Douglas Pass

1985 Heritage Coast Centre opened in former Cement Factory.

2011 Aerial Map